Sea Plane

Depth Range 100 ftWeather84.3815.93 mphene

The most straight forward way to enter the water is to climb down the rocks between the western pier and the rusty ladder. Once in the water head toward the north and to find the drop-off. Start your descent and find the post at approximately 45 feet, tied to the post is a line that you can follow to the seaplane.

The plane, believed to be a Japanese Aichi E13A from World War II, lays upside down with its fuselage broken off from it’s wings and pontoons.

Keep an eye on your air consumption and bottom time. Visibility is typically pretty poor, maintaining good buoyancy will help prevent silting out the wreck.

Proof of certification is required for all beaches on base, so please remember to have your certification card with you in the event the police ask to see it.

Dive Details Certification Advanced Open WaterDepth Range 100 ftVisibility Range 10 - 20 ftAccess BeachHazards Use caution when entering the water as you will need to climb down some large rocks. It's recommended that you use the ladder only to support yourself while entering the water over the rocks. This is a relatively deep dive, keep an eye on your air and bottom time.

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