Camel Rock

Depth Range 40 - 130+ ftWeather77.528.99 mphene

Camel Rock was named for its resemblance to a camel swimming through the ocean.

This relatively flat reef area is part of a much larger area around Camel Rock that was used as a dumping ground after World War II. There are thousands of pounds of ordnance littering the bottom, from .30 caliber machine-gun bullets to 500lb bombs . Divers have to look carefully, as over 50 years of coral growth has over some of the bombs .

The dive starts with an upper reef area at about 40 feet which gradually slopes down to a flat sandy bottom at 130 feet.

Small anemones dot the reef, and a wide variety of fish and coral inhabit the area.

Camel Rock Site Map

Dive Details Certification Advanced Open WaterDepth Range 40 - 130+ ftVisibility Range 50 - 75 ftAccess BoatHazards Strong currents are typical here, should not be attempted during tide changes or if waves are present. Do no touch or attempt to pick up ordnance.

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