Marine Lab

Depth Range 20 - 100+ ftWeather84.1313.8 mphe

The site is located in front of the University of Guam’s Marine Lab. Walk across the reef past the large rock. In front of the rock is a small cut which extends outward. Drop in there. If you are snorkeling, head to your left and explore the upper reef, which is studded with large columns of fire coral and a vast array of fish.

If you are diving, plan your dive 45 minutes before high tide, but always check the conditions before entering the water. This is a popular site for bodyboarders, use them as an indicator of swell size, and do not dive or snorkel if there are large waves breaking over the reef. Swim out through the cut and drop down in about 20 feet of water. Begin your dive by heading straight out, then angle to your left.

The dive offers a variety of fish and corals and several interesting species of algae. This is also a fascinating night dive, when a variety of lobster, crab and other crustaceans can be found.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 20 - 100+ ftVisibility Range 20 - 40 ftAccess BeachHazards Strong currents are typical here, should not be attempted during tide changes or if waves are present.

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