Depth Range 50 - 130+ ftWeather84.8313.8 mphe

The Crevice is a deep canyon off Orote Point, at the mouth of which lies a large boulder which was once part of the cliffline

Both walls of the crevice hold numerous sea fans and whips. Large pelagic fish can be seen swimming through the crevice in search of food. The mouth on the west side of the Crevice drops off to exceed 400 feet. A large colony of sea fans is on the east side of this wall.

Once you have explored the crevice, swim toward the cliffline. You will pass undercuts with sea whips as well as several “potholes” which are home to a few morays.

Close to the cliffline are many boulders resting on sand, where you can find various invertebrates such as pincushion stars and shellfish, as well as more eels.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 50 - 130+ ftVisibility Range 50 - 75 ftAccess Boat

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