The Wall

Depth Range 40 - 130+ ftWeather83.815.23 mphene

This is a drift dive between the tip of Orote Point and the Blue Hole. As you descend to the wall’s drop off, which begins at about 70 feet, there’s a good chance of seeing sharks, rays and, on the reef flats, turtles.

This site, due to its flat upper reef and severe wall, is very susceptible to currents. It is not uncommon for the current direction to switch mid-dive, however, so if you are drift diving, plan this dive carefully.

There are many beautiful sea fans and sea whips along the wall below 120 feet, as well as a plethora of sponges and corals. For a shallower dive, explore the cliff wall on days when the swell is minimal. It holds many interesting creatures, including small crabs, schooling fish, lobsters and a wide variety of shells.

Check the boulders for eels and note the variety of large triggerfish common in this area.

Dive Details Certification Advanced Open WaterDepth Range 40 - 130+ ftVisibility Range 50 - 75 ftAccess BoatHazards Strong currents are typical, especially later in the day. Use mooring line to guide decent when strong currents are present. Watch your depth, it is very easy to get very deep here. Always dive within your certification limits.

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