SMS Cormoran

Depth Range 80 - 120 ftWeather84.5213.8 mphe

The SMS Cormoran, originally named the S.S. Rjasan, was built by Germans for the Russian Fleet in 1909 and was scuttled in the first World War. She lies on her port side alongside the Tokai Maru and is still amazingly intact for such an old ship.

The Cormoran was used as a mail transport between Vladivostok and Japan until it was captured by the Germans and converted into an armed merchant raider. It was interned on Guam until the outbreak of World War I. When the U.S. officially entered the war, rather than surrender the vessel, the captain scuttled it and it sank within four minutes. The engine room is easily accessible through the skylights and although she is an old shipwreck, the superstructure is intact.

Dive Details Certification Advanced Open WaterDepth Range 80 - 120 ftVisibility Range 25 - 40 ftAccess BoatHazards Visibility can be quite bad here, be sure to use mooring line to guide your decent until ship is visible. Penetration on the wrecks should only be done if you have the Wreck Diver Specialty certification. A reel should always be used during penetration dives.

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