Napoleon Cut

Depth Range 25 - 140+ ftWeather83.2615.5 mphene

Off the west coast of Ritidian, Guam’s northernmost point, Napoleon Cut offers some of the least disturbed life on the island.

An abundance of reef fish, clams, octopi, sharks and turtles can be found in this area, as well as large Napoleon Wrasses and other big fish. Several sand channels cut through the reef flats, the largest of which, the Cut is a great place to find not only napoleons but sharks as well.

Currents can be very strong and a good briefing is essential to an enjoyable dive.

The cut extends through the reef to a depth of about 115 feet where several sea fans can be found. From there, divers can head back up the reef toward shore, where there is a sand pit with interesting overhangs and crevices at about 25 feet.

While the cut reveals large animals, the reef flats are dotted with clams, corals and invertebrates.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 25 - 140+ ftVisibility Range 60 - 100+ ftAccess Boat

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