11 Mile Reef

Depth Range 80 - 160 ftWeather82.8118.41 mphene

This reef is about 300 by 100 yards and can be one of the most exciting dives on Guam. More than 11 miles east of Agat, the 80 – 90 foot upper reef gradually slopes to the sea floor at about 900 feet.

There is a good probability of seeing sharks, barracuda, rays and large schooling fish on this dive. Medium to strong upper reef currents and swells can make this a challenging dive, however, and divers should be experienced and thoroughly briefed.

Pilot whales and spinner dolphins are frequently seen on the way to this site. It can be a rocky boat ride even on the best of days, however, so divers that have a tendency to get sea sick, be prepared!

Dive Details Certification RescueDepth Range 80 - 160 ftVisibility Range 70 - 100 ftAccess BoatHazards Very strong currents are common here

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