Depth Range 40 - 66 ftWeather85.018.05 mphe

This could be either a beach or boat dive, but the walk from the beach is a long one, and finding the Amtrak can be difficult.

From the beach, park at the Agat cemetery and enter the water left of the pipeline. Set your compass to 270 degrees and you should find the Amtrak in 50 feet of water. Even if you don’t, the reef is quite beautiful and worth exploring.

From a boat, you will descend directly onto the Amtrak, a personnel carrier sunk in WWII. Follow the channel away from the beach and you can go either way along walls covered with marine life.

The bottom of this area has many large sand pits surrounded by coral pillars and formations. There is abundant coral growth in the area, and this is one of only two areas on Guam where divers can see an amphibious vehice that was part of the invasion fleet in World War II.

A good way to dive this area after seeing the Amtrak is to follow the wall at about 60 feet for the first half of your dive and then ascend to the reef flats at about 30 feet which offers a varied dive including several cleanings stations teeming with

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 40 - 66 ftVisibility Range 16 - 66 ftAccess Beach

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