Anae Caverns

Depth Range 30 - 60 ftWeather86.0710.76 mphene

A short ride from the Agat Marina lies Anae Caverns. “Penetrating” the cavern doesn’t require any special certification as the exit can clearly be seen from the entrance, but please use caution anytime you’re entering an overhead environment. The cavern is fairly wide, however, divers should use caution, only entering one after the other whilst monitoring your buoyancy so as to avoid kicking up silt. Additionally, you should exercise caution in rocky surface conditions as the cavern is fairly shallow and the surge can knock you around quite a bit.

Once outside the cavern, keep an eye out for octopuses and other small critters, hiding amongst the boulders.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 30 - 60 ftVisibility Range 30 - 70 ftAccess BoatHazards Strong currents are possible here.

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