Barracuda Rock

Depth Range 15 - 60 ftWeather84.3112.66 mphe

Barracuda Rock is a clear water dive off the Orote Point Peninsula. This site was named for a school of barracuda that used to be in the area in the early 1980’s. They have since moved on, but the name has stuck.

To the north of the rock is a small cave suitable for snorkeling which extends into the cliffline about 35 feet.

On the east side of the rock is a short tunnel that is populated by large schools of fish. You can swim through the tunnel to get to the other side of the rock. From there, either head to the cave or away from the cliffline into the sand flats, which have interesting rock outcrops full of schooling fish and invertebrates.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 15 - 60 ftVisibility Range 30 - 70 ftAccess Boat

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