Blue Hole

Depth Range 60 - 300+ ftWeather86.2314.97 mphe

The Blue Hole, one of Guam’s most popular divesites, is a natural shaft extending down into the reef. Soft and hard corals, sea whips, fish and eels can be seen inside the shaft.

The upper reef is at about 60 feet. From there, the shaft drops to 300+ feet. Gliding down the awe-in-spiring shaft can get even the most ex-perienced diver’s adrenaline up, so watch your descent rate and depth carefully.

The first opportunity to exit the shaft is at 127 feet. It is common to see large pelagic fish below and as you follow the wall on the outside of the Blue Hole you probably will see more.

Once out of the shaft, ascend to about 80 feet and follow the contour of the wall for a while. Then ascend to the 60′ reef flat where. There is a variety of hand-fed fish and several mounds covered with interesting corals and algae. Watch for large trigger fish and lots of schooling fish.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 60 - 300+ ftVisibility Range 100+ ftAccess BoatMarine Life Blacktip Reef Sharks, Green Sea Turtles, Lion Fish, Moray EelsHazards Strong currents are typical, especially later in the day. Use mooring line to guide decent when strong currents are present. Watch your depth, it is very easy to get very deep here. Always dive within your certification limits.

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