Blue & White

Depth Range 25 - 130+ ftWeather83.9712.66 mphe

Named for the deep blue water and white sand, this site is on the north side of the Glass Breakwater west of Luminao Reef. This is a great dive on calm days for beginners but can be a challenge for experts when the swells are big and the current strong.

This site has plateaus at 35 and 60 feet, then slopes to a sharp drop-off at 110 feet. Novice divers can usually dive this site in calm conditions, but experienced divers might be more comfortable here.

Blue & White has extremely good visibility and is a great place to see anemones, eels and octopi as well as the large re ident fish usually associated with an outer reef. Divers also see dogtooth tuna, sharks and stingrays in this area.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 25 - 130+ ftVisibility Range 40 - 100 ftAccess Boat

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