Fish Eye

Depth Range 15 - 35 ftWeather84.0912.66 mphe

This reef is a great place to explore by snorkel or scuba. The “Bomb Holes” are natural reef formations which appear to have been created by bombs.

The depressions in the inner reef are home to thousands of fish and corals. The Fisheye Marine Observatory is built in the middle of the largest hole, but there are many pits along the way to explore with a snorkel.

If you are diving, park in the lot directly in front of the beach and walk or snorkel approximately 75 yards out, as it is quite shallow, depending on the tide.

The sand-bottomed main “bomb hole” has several large boulders around which fish swarm. The fish are fed by the marine park, and are plentiful and quite used to humans.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 15 - 35 ftVisibility Range 20 - 30 ftAccess Beach

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