Hap’s Reef

Depth Range 30 - 60 ftWeather84.1815.84 mphene

Haps Reef is frequented as one of Guam’s easiest and most bountiful divesites. There is a great variety of reef fish and formations at this site. The reef is upraised and surrounded by sand flats, and many dives can be done before a diver has seen all there is to see.

Great visibility and an abundance of marine life makes this satisfying either as a single dive or a shallower second dive.

There are several anemones on the reef. Explore the crevices for lionfish and octopi. This is a great photo dive, as almost all small reef fish can be found here, including pufferfish, lionfish and brightly colored butterflyfish.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 30 - 60 ftVisibility Range 60 - 75 ftAccess Boat

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