Nathan’s Dent

Depth Range 16 - 300+ ftWeather83.9117.36 mphe

This dive features sand flats, small caves and coral islands. It’s a great place to see scorpionfish, rays, sharks and lionfish.

The Dent itself is pitted with small crevices which hide everything from tiny scorpionfish to sharks.

The reef flats above the cut are covered with some of the most colorful coral on Guam. Green, blue, pink and yellow varieties abound, dotted with hundreds of Christmas Tree Worms and Feather Dusters. look for shy critters in the caves first, then do your safety stop on the reef flats, where you can spend time appreciating centuries of coral growth.

There is a swim-through filled with lionfish on the southern edge of the reef which is well worth exploring as long as you are not uncomfortable in small spaces. From the boat, descend into the cut and follow the contours of the reef to the left, along the sandy bottom. You will come to a “point” on the reef. Continue along the side until you see the swim-through, which is almost completely covered over and quite tight. It is a good idea to bring your light because it’s very likely you’ll see a variety of creatures normally only seen on night dives.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 16 - 300+ ftVisibility Range 50 - 75 ftAccess Boat

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