Sharks Pit

Depth Range 40 - 130+ ftWeather84.7215.7 mphene

Sharks Pit was once a Navy dumping ground. The area is littered with debris including cafeteria trays, anchors, bottles, live ammunition, jeeps, wheels and landing craft. Sharks were frequent visitors to this area when it offered food scraps, but it is rare to see one now.

There is a large rock in the Sharks Pit area which rises to within 25 feet of the surface. There are sea fans at 40 feet on this rock. These sea fans are the shallowest found on Guam. Varieties of soft corals also are found here, as well as large schools of yellow and white butterfly fish.

North of the rock you will eventually get to Boulder Alley, a good place to find turtles and eels if you look closely. This is a great, varied dive.

Dive Details Certification Open WaterDepth Range 40 - 130+ ftVisibility Range 70 - 100 ftAccess Boat

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